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Histories of Religion in Colonial Worlds

Course guide for History 301A: "Histories of Religion in Colonial Worlds"


"White Crucifiction" Marc Chagall, 1938  Art Institute of Chcago Collection, in ArtStor.

Moral and Political Map

Moral and Political Chart of the inhabited World -exhibiting the prevailing religion, form of government, degree of civilization and population of each country / E. Huntington, sc. Woodbridge, William C. (William Channing), 1794-1845 NYPL Digital Collection

Mezquita-Catedral, Cordoba, Spain

"The Mezquita is regarded as perhaps the most accomplished monument of the Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba. After the Spanish Reconquista, it once again became a Roman Catholic church, with a plateresque cathedral later inserted into the centre of the large Moorish building." -- Wikipedia

Photos taken by Shmuel Magal, Photographer/archaeologist, in ArtStor.