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eBooks/Online Book Collections

A guide on how to find and use ebooks in your research. How to work with various ebook platforms: reading, printing, and downloading on your computer or an ereading device.

Some ebook packages and sites for science & engineering

These collections are listed by bibliographic entries, such as, author, title, series and subject, in WU catalogs (except where noted).  However you may want to use these specific sources to locate items that are not yet in our catalogs or to search within FULLTEXT.

E-Books Tips and Hints A guide to using E-Book and Online book resources provided by the Bernard Becker Medical Library. (Most but not all Becker Library eBooks are available to all WU users.)

Ebook search tools

Math Ebooks

Most of these links are digitizing projects containing older materials.  They are generally NOT included in our catalog unless specifically requested.  They are often not included in the general ebook sites either.

Ebooks keyed in LaTeX are fairly rare.  Books added recently to Project Gutenberg sometimes have a LaTeX source file. More info in October, 2011, Notices of the AMS, letter by Andrew D. Hwang.