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Managing your data


The past few years have seen an explosion of digital data and/or digital objects from many disciplines not only within the academic world, but also in the home environment.  

The question of how best to manage, discover, and preserve these digital objects is a concern for many.  The WashU Libraries are available to assist you with your data needs, by offering workshops, best practices, guidelines, and one on one consultations regarding the data management life-cycle.

Why manage your data?

  • Facilitate discovery by making it available through national repositories
  • Increase the impact with data citation
  • Comply with funder, publisher or community mandates
  • Avoid loss in the event of a disaster
  • Increase research efficiency 

What do we mean by data?

Observational:  field notes, sample data, survey results, images

Experimental: gene sequences, chromatograms

Simulation: climate models, economic models

Derived/Compiled: data from public documents, 3D models