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eBook Details

Quick facts on downloading, printing, and annotating ebooks from WUSTL collections and platforms.

EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO maintains a detailed guide on using eBooks on the EBSCO platform
Concurrent Users: 

The number of simultaneous users varies by title. Some titles only allow one reader at-a-time while others allow unlimited access.

Printing Limits: 

Page limits will vary depending on the title. To see print options, first, choose  PDF or EPUB Full Text to view the book, then, go to the first page of the section of pages you would like to print. You may email, print, or save the document pages. To print beyond the designated limit, exit, close your browser, and re-enter the book. The print counter will reset. Additional information via screencast. Note: It may be necessary to clear cache and cookies.

To Read On-screen or to Download?

You can read the book on screen with no extra steps. Depending on your needs, that method may be sufficient. As you read more about the downloading process, you may find that the no-download, on-screen reading method is preferable.

Downloading Process: 

Downloading requires a few steps

  • Click "Full Download"
  • To download, check-out, and read the book, however, you must create a My EBSCOhost account. NOTE: Due to publisher restrictions, some titles may not be downloaded offline. Additional information via screencast.

When reading online (click "EPUB Full Text"), added notes will be saved in your EBSCO account folder; notes added while reading offline (click "Full Download") will be saved in your Adobe Digital Edition account.  Note:  After loan period expires, you will not be able to access your annotations, even if you download the ebook again.

EBSCO Mobile App: 

You can bypass many challenges of eBook reading by using the EBSCO Mobile app. You do not need to download Adobe Digital Editions or any other program. You need only create your My EBSCOhost account.