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Chinese Studies: Language Learning

A resource guide for students learning Chinese as a second or foreign language

Online resources

The orange "Save Cantonese" website logo, with text to the side which reads "守護粵語, 捍衛多元社會" meaning "Protect Cantonese to protect a diverse society."

Save Cantonese is a collaborative online project with tons of resources to learn Cantonese. You can find tons of news, learning resources, and events relating to the preservation and promotion of Cantonese. Click here to specifically view resources listed for studying Cantonese.

General resources

  • The Education University of Hong Kong Cantonese Self-Learning Platform: a self-study platform with a strong emphasis on pronunciation.
  • a guide to learn Jyutping, a widely used romanization system for Cantonese pronunciation.
  • This is a great starting point for people learning Cantonese. It includes an online dictionary, as well as several vocabulary lists and tutorials.
  • CantoneseClass101A YouTube channel with many videos on how to learn Cantonese. It is a sister channel to ChineseClass101. The website also provides other learning materials, but with a paid subscription only.
  • Cantonese Alliance: A great resource with a wealth of language learning resources, mainly relating to music, movies, and other pop culture. There are also more resources on their other website.
  • - Many free vocabulary lists.

Reference materials

  • A website that provides many links to Cantonese resources as well as basic information about the Cantonese language, romanization, and writing.
  • CC-Canto - a Cantonese dictionary powered by Pleco.