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Chinese Studies: Language Learning

A resource guide for students learning Chinese as a second or foreign language


The East Asian Library receives physical copies of the newspaper World Journal 世界日报, a Chinese American newspaper. Usually, 2-3 months of the most recent editions in traditional characters are available to read in the reading room. It can also be read online on their website and through PressReader (see below).

Newspapers by country

Local newspapers

Bilingual magazines

The East Asian Library has two journals that are completely bilingual: Cultural Dialogue (文化交流) and Taiwan Panorama (臺灣光華雜誌)。 The English and Chinese are located side-by-side on each page. They can be helpful for advanced students wanting to read promotional materials about certain topics, or for beginners who want to learn more about recent happenings in China and Taiwan. The most recent issues are on display and can be read inside the East Asian Library.

Also, feel free to look at the other periodicals located at the East Asian Library. The most recent year is available in the reading room, and older issues are available on the third floor stacks. 


There are several interesting magazines about many topics available through Washington University's subscription to PressReader, including juvenile materials for beginner learners. Using the drop-down menu on the right, you can narrow the results down to simplified or traditional characters. Here are some examples of what is available. (There are only 3 concurrent users allowed, please close out when finished).

小读者 Xiao du zheDPI设计插画志 DPI Magazine 环球人文地理 Cultural Geography美食 Gourmand