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A Guide to LGBTQIA+ Research

A guide to resources and strategies for research on marginalized sexualities and gender experiences

Primary Sources

A primary source is an immediate account or object resulting from the topic being studied. Traditionally, primary sources are found public records, archival collections, historic publications, and source books. Specific examples include speeches, diaries, letters, interviews, photographs, novels, and memoirs. When researching contemporary topics, first hand accounts may also be found on blogs and social media, as well as contemporary literature. Contact a librarian for help identifying primary sources.

To find primary source collections in the Washington University Libraries Catalog, enter terms in Advanced Search and add a subject search for "sources."

Items with the Unlocked icon  are free, open resources that are not maintained by Washington University Libraries.

Primary Source Databases

Oral Histories

This is a select sampling of LGBTQ oral history projects. There are many more projects that are based in specific regions and universities.

Finding Archives

Additional guides