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New York Times - Online Access

Access Down

As of 9/18/20 access is down with the Academic Pass for New York Times.  It is sponsored by the Student Union and the library has reached out to them about it.

New York Times - Complete Online Access

Methods for direct, online access to the New York Times


1.  For WU Undergraduate and Graduate Students: 

  • Student Union-funded complimentary access to WU Undergraduate Students. 
  • Visit Student Union to register for semester-long access.


2.  For WU Faculty and Staff:

  • The Academic Pass, also funded by Student Union, allows 24-hour access from any device 

  • Register using your email address for 24-hour access (renewable every 24-hours)‚Äč

  1. Go to Academic Passes.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Create a new password (Do not use your WUSTL connect password).
  4. There is an option to sign up for free newsletters.
  5. NYT will send an email validation. Access site from link sent in their email.


Note:  Access via the NYT Academic Pass valid only during the Fall and Spring Semesters when classes are in session.


More about the NYT Academic Pass:

Already registered? Renew your 24-hour pass:

For additional information: NYT Academic Passes FAQ's