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A Guide to Premodern Japanese Literature

Your companion to navigate from HEIAN to EDO literature.

Shin Nihon kotenseki dētabēsu (NIJL)


Database of Pre-modern Japanese Works is compiled, with an intention to provide about 100,000 digitized images accompanied with 600,000 bibliographic information stored at different institutions in Japan, by the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) whose website, also provides all kinds of beneficial information about Japanese literature in English as well.  

Waka dētabēsu (NICHIBUNKEN)


Waka database is compiled by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken), whose website,, also works as a good companion for any researchers for Japanese literature. This database also enables searches for Haikai (俳諧), Renga (連歌), Renga renso goi [associated vocabularies] (連歌連想語彙).

Japanese Text Initiative


In case you have any specific titles of Japanese literature in your mind, please use the link above. You can find English explanations about each work as well as the original text in Japanese.