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PubMed is a free interface for searching MEDLINE, the most popular bibliographic database in the health and medical sciences. It contains references to millions of journal articles from biomedical journals and is updated daily.

Emailing and exporting your results

References from PubMed can be printed, emailed or exported into reference management software such as EndNote.

Check the boxes for the results you wish to print, email or export. If you want to export the entire page, or all of the results, you can simply move on to the next step.

select your results

sent to optionsAt the top of each page of results are options to Save, Email or Send to your results. 

If you would like to export your results to reference management software then select Send to and then Citation manager

After selecting to send your results to Citation manager you will get the option to create a file containing the details of the references that you can send to your reference management package.