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PubMed is a free interface for searching MEDLINE, the most popular bibliographic database in the health and medical sciences. It contains references to millions of journal articles from biomedical journals and is updated daily.

Linking to free full text articles

PubMed does not contain full text articles, but in some cases you can link through to them. Articles in PubMed where free full text links are available are indicated in the results list. Links to the full text can then be found when viewing the article in Abstract view. 

free full text results viewfree full text link


Linking to full text articles

Image of Get it! link for locating articles

When working on a WUSTL-networked computer, you will automatically see Get it! links when viewing an article's abstract. The easiest way to see Get it! links in PubMed, when working on non-WUSTL computers or networks, is to access PubMed using this URL or via the entry for PubMed in the databases list.

Alternatively, you can create and modify a My NCBI account in PubMed with Wash U, Danforth Campus preferences, as described below. 

Log in to My NCBI and select NCBI Site Preferences at the top right. Under PubMed Preferences, click on Outside Tool. Select the radio button next to Washington Univ. in St. Louis, Danforth Campus and then select Save.