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Graduate Students - English and American Literature

Finding Books

Catalog Search Philosophies


1. Local to Global:

Start with the WashU Catalog, then to see a larger collection, try the MOBIUS Catalog, and then, to see what's available in libraries world-wide, check the WorldCat Catalog.

  • WashU Catalog -->MOBIUS Catalog --> WorldCat Catalog

2. Or...Start Global:

WorldCat does show what titles are held locally at WashU. So, by starting in WorldCat, you can see a large view as well as find out what is here.

  • WorldCat --> WU Catalog

3. And another option...

  • Primo - Search the Catalog, some article databases, HathiTrust, WahsU's Digital Repository, Special Collection Holdings, and Librarian-created Subject Research Guides

4. And one more:

Depending on what you're looking for you might also search the Center For Research Libraries Catalog and HathiTrust (Note: searches in Primo does include HathiTrust.

Borrowing from WU and through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)