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Financial Literacy WashU

A guide on understanding finances and becoming fiscally responsible


Welcome to the financial literacy LibGuide! This guide was created to help guide you on your journey to "Financial Adulting". It focuses on topics related to building and understanding credit, living off-campus for the first time, understanding student loans, and getting a car. This guide was created because I didn't have anyone to guide me on my financial literacy journey and I wanted to put all the knowledge I gained in one place in order to help anyone who might be in my shoes. 

Feel free to click around the guide and happy learning!


What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is defined as being educated about money and finance, with a special focus on an individual's personal finances. Being financially literate enables you to make smarter money management decisions that lead directly to a financially secure future, one that protects the assets built by you and your loved ones. Categories that typically come into play with financial literacy are every day financial issues like budgeting, spending, debt, taxes, retirement savings, college savings, and more. 
Definition from TheStreet


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