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Financial Literacy WashU

A guide on understanding finances and becoming fiscally responsible

I have never bought a car before. In other words, this section is for me as much as it is for you. The resources in this section will focus on car buying. I will include videos and links that provide answers to questions I have asked myself while looking into buying my first car. Questions such as:

  • Should I buy a used car or new car?
  • What are the hidden costs of owning a car?
  • How will the car loan work?
    • What are things I should be looking out for on my car loan?
    • Where should I get my car loan?
      • The dealership or a bank?
    • What is an APR?
  • How much can I afford to put towards a car?

If you've asked yourself any of these questions or just want to learn about the car buying process, then click around and let us learn together.