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WashU History FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the history of Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA). Pages maintained by University Archives.

Robert S. Brookings Award Winners, 1984-present

The Robert S. Brookings Award is conferred by the Board of Trustees and presented at the University's Founders Day celebration. The Brookings Award is given to individuals who by commitment and generosity exemplify the alliance between Washington University and its community.

The award was formerly known as the Alumni Alliance Award and the Alliance Appreciation Award. It became known as the Robert Brookings Award in 1988.

2021: Craig and Nancy Schnuck, Bob and Gerry Virgil.
2019:  Philip and Sima K. Needleman, Rodger and Paula Riney
2018:  George and Debra Couch, Andrew and Barbara Taylor
2017:  James Mckelvey Jr., Michael and Noémi Niedorff
2016:  Stephen F. and Camilla T. Brauer, Gary M. Sumers
2015: James S. and Elizabeth McDonnell, Joyce F. Wood
2014: Donald and Karen Jubel, Anabeth and John Weil
2013: Leisha Carol Elmore.
2012: Nicholas M. Bontumasi, Amirali Modir Shanechi and Jared D. Wilkinson.
2011: Carol B. and George P. Bauer; and Scott and Pyong Rudolph
2010: Carol Loeb, Arthur McWilliams, and Marge McWilliams

2009: John Biggs, Penelope Parkman Biggs, Wilfred Konneker, and Ann Lee Konneker.
2008: Harry and Susan Seigle, Harvey A. and Dorismae Hacker Friedman
2007: Rose Tropp Brown, Ellen and John Wallace, Jr.
2006: David C. and Betty Farrell, Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden
2005: Adele Dilschneider, Doris I. Schnuck
2004: Lucy Lopata, Eric P. and Evelyn Edison Newman
2003: Sam Fox, Jack C. Taylor
2002: Whitney R. Harris, Robert J. Skandalaris, Julie Skandalaris
2001: Bernard Becker, Lynne Cooper Harvey
2000: E. Desmond Lee, Robert Brookings Smith

1999: Charles F. Knight, Earl E. and Myrtle E. Walker
1998: Paul O. Hagemann (posthumous), Norman G. Moore
1997: Alvin Goldfarb, Mitchell Yanow
1996: Shi Hui Huang, Edith Waldman Wolff
1995: Marion K. and Vernon W. Piper
1994: William R. Orthwein, Jr., Alvin J. Siteman
1993: Raymond H. Wittcoff, Roma B. Witcoff
1992: Kathryn M. Buder, Ruth Kopolow, Reuben C. Taylor
1991: Francis F. Ahmann, Robin E. Hernreich
1990: Clifford W. Murphy, Mrs. A. Forest Seay, Jr.

1989: George W. Couch III, I.E. Millstone, Herman C. Seldin
1988: John E. Simon, Mrs. Sidney W. Souers
1987: Stanley Lopata
1986: Edward L. Bowles
1985: Anne Weir Mountjoy
1984: Harriet B. Spoehrer, William R. Stuckenberg