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Focus Ireland

Current Political Groups

Current Political Groups:

Fine Gael (currently in power: An Taoiseach  (Prime Minister)- Enda Kenny)

Fianna Fail

Sinn Fein

Republican Sinn Fein

Labour Party Ireland

Communist Party of Ireland

Workers Party Ireland

Socialist Party Ireland

Green Party Ireland

Workers Solidarity Movemen

IRA (Continuity IRA, Official IRA, Provisional IRA, Real IRA) no web presence  Read about the IRA in the Britanica Online

"Irish Republican Army (IRA), also called Provisional Irish Republican Army,  republican paramilitary organization seeking the establishment of a republic, the end of British rule in Northern Ireland, and the reunification of Ireland.

The IRA was created in 1919 as a successor to the Irish Volunteers, a militant nationalist organization founded in 1913. The IRA’s purpose was to use armed force to render British rule in Ireland ineffective and thus to assist in achieving the broader objective of an independent republic, which was pursued at the political level by Sinn Féin, the Irish nationalist party. From its inception, however, the IRA operated independently of political control and in some periods actually took the upper hand in the independence movement. Its membership overlaps with that of Sinn Féin..."

Other Groups

Community Groups:

Traveller Visibility Group

Irish Immigrant Support

 photo by Cletesh

Labor (Trade) Unions:

Irish Council of Trade Unions

Independent Workers Union