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GIS Software and Tutorials

This guide provides GIS software download instruction and usage tutorials.

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Registration

ArcGIS Online is a cloud based suite of GIS tools that run in your browser and facilitate web map creation and publishing. This allows you to create interactive maps and storymaps without installing GIS software on your machine or remoting into the Research Studio.

Washington University students, faculty, and staff may use their active WUSTL Key credentials to open an account in the WU AGOL Organization in order to create and share interactive online maps; the account will also give you access to many ESRI training resources.  Keep in mind, certain functions on the AGOL platform consume 'credits' and your account will initially be assigned a limited credit budget.  If you attempt an operation that requires more credits than you currently have, you will receive an error.  Contact Data Services to describe your needs and discuss options to resolve the issue.

To set up your account or sign in to the WashU ArcGIS Online Organization:

  1. Open a browser window to

  2. At the Enterprise Login prompt, click on Washington University

    WUSTL AGOL Sign In screen


  3. If you find yourself at the standard ArcGIS Login screen, expand the "Your ArcGIS Organization's URL" area.
    arcgis standard login screen

  4. If you are prompted for the URL, enter "wustl" and click Continue


  5. Enter your WUSTL Key Credentials in the familiar prompt

    WUSTL Key Login


  6. You now have an account in the WashU ArcGIS AGOL Organization and should now see the AGOL Home screen (see below).  Please take a moment to open your profile (click the 'person' icon at the upper right) and fill in:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Please use the "Bio" section to add:

      • Your Status: Student, Faculty, Staff, other

      • WU department or affiliation

      • WU Course number (if you are creating this account as part of a formal class)


To get started with ArcGIS Online

See this page for tutorials and links to online training content.  To work with Storymaps, use the App Launcher icon (grid pattern of squares in the upper right of the AGOL window) to access that application or visit and "Sign In" with your WUSTL Key if prompted.