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This guide provides GIS software download instruction and usage tutorials.


Streetmap Premium

Authoritative data for mapping, routing, & geocoding


ArcGIS StreetMap Premium (SMP) provides enriched street data for use in ArcGIS software. Features include multi-scale, high-quality cartographic maps for display; accurate geocoding (batch, reverse, and simple search); and optimized routing, driving directions, and network analysis. SMP is designed specifically for use with ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Enterprise. SMP is based on commercial street reference data from HERE and INCREMENT P. Data is available for North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific...the University Library has purchased an annual subscription to the North American dataset.

The SMP package consists of a file geodatabase containing street data for North America along with several associated datasets such as county and municipal boundaries. SMP will be useful for any WU researcher who needs to perform routing or geocoding analyses on their data and needs to use a current dataset to accomplish these tasks. In most cases this type of analysis would be done at the beginning of a project and access to the SMP dataset would be temporary. The researcher would connect to the dataset, run their analysis and save the results, then the access could be terminated. Processing results such as geocoded points or network routes would be available as stand-alone data that could be further used for analysis or mapping in their projects. Some users may require more sustained access in order to facilitate periodic processing for instance geocoding a new set of addresses as a project progresses.

Processing that requires HIPPA compliance to maintain patient anonymity would require secure data transfers between the user’s system and the data storage location. This could be accomplished either via secure communication protocols between systems or through a fully local installation behind the user’s firewall.


Streetmap Premium Detail and Extent examples:
Forest Park and WashU (left image) illustrate the level of detail available and North America (right) shows the spatial extent of the dataset.
Streetmap Premium detail example showing roads included in the WU area Streetmap Premium - North America Full Extent


SMP data is available for use by current WU students, faculty, and staff in ArcGIS Desktop (10.6.1 or later), ArcGIS Pro (2.4.3 or later), and ArcGIS Enterprise. The Library license includes a limited number of individual seats and 2 ArcGIS Enterprise seats. The SMP product includes a File Geodatabase (FGDB) containing reference data and an extensive set of detailed road features. The geodatabase also includes a network dataset configured for routing, and pre-built address locators for geocoding. Other pages in this guide will explain; how to obtain access to these data for use in your GIS projects, how to perform geocoding and routing tasks, and how to save your results for downstream processing or visualizations.

Please contact Data Services if you have any questions that are not addressed in this guide.

Accessing Streetmap Premium

Current WU students, faculty, and staff may access Streetmap Premium (SMP) on our Research Studio systems. The data product is licensed on those systems for mapping and network analysis. See the Research Studio Guide for details and connection instructions.

HIPPA Compliance


Those who wish to download and install this product for local (HIPPA compliant) processing can request access and licensing by completing the Streetmap Premium Request Form. Once the request is submitted, you will receive a link to the download folder and instructions on how to install and activate the dataset. Data Services staff will enable access to geocoding functions (if necessary) and you will receive notice when that is completed.

Given the finite number of seats included in our license agreement, access to SMP must be requested and availability may be time limited.

Downloading and Installing Streetmap Premium datasets


Streetmap Premium (SMP) data are available for use in ArcGIS Desktop (10.6.1 or later), and ArcGIS Pro (2.4.3 or later) but users should be aware of the hardware requirements and that the download package is large and requires more than 20 Gb of free space.  The SMP product includes a File Geodatabase (FGDB) containing an extensive set of detailed road features, a pre-configured network dataset for routing, and reference data for context. 

Those who plan to perform geocoding will also download a pre-built address locator designed for the version of ArcGIS you are running.  ArcGIS Pro users will download the 'New' Address Locator which has been optimized to enhance performance and efficiency.  If you are working in ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) and need to perform geocoding, you will need the 'Classic Locators' and they will be available through 2021.  You should be aware that support for the Classic locators ended after Q1 2021 and all geocoding with SMP must now be done in ArcGIS Pro.

Conducting any mapping or routing operations with the SMP datasets will require a data license for the system on which the software is installed. Geocoding operations require the user to have authorization within the WashU ArcGIS Online Organization. Licensing is enabled by Data Services staff following submission of the request form linked above.

A Geocoding service based on our latest copy of the SMP database is available to ArcGIS Pro users who are connected to the WashU secure network either directly or through the VPN. This service provides geocoding functionality without requiring users to download and install data on their local system.  To add this service to an ArcGIS Pro project, open the Catalog pane, browse to the Servers menu, right-click and select "New ArcGIS Server Connection".  If your Catalog tab does not include the Servers menu, activate the Insert ribbon, select Connections - Server and then "Add Server". 



A new panel will prompt for the server path; enter "" and click OK.



Once the connection has been activated, you will browse to this connection when specifying the "Input Locator" as you set up a geocoding operation.

The latest SMP dataset can also be accessed via a connection to our Geospatial Data Collection, click the link for access instructions. User will still need to be licensed to access SMP data; submit the Streetmap Premium Request Form for authorization.

Analysis with SMP

Mapping and Analysis with StreetMap Premium

Once you have licensed access to the Streetmap Premium datasets, you will use them just like any other source data.  The SMP datasets can be used to create detailed maps, perform address geocoding, or network analysis tasks such as routing and service area determinations.  See below for descriptions and links to documentation of these common workflows and the Training Resources tab includes a recorded workshop.  Keep in mind that you will not be able to export the SMP source data however your results (i.e. geocoded location points, linear route features, service area polygons, etc.) can be saved for use after your access to the SMP data has expired. 


Mapping TransportationExample map of Streetmap Premium data

The SMP File Geodatabase comes packaged with a companion Map Document (.mxd) file that will open using ArcMap.  The map contains a scale dependent example of the layers included in the SMP dataset with appropriate symbolization and labeling.

This map can be used as a template for starting a mapping project.  Individual layers can also be incorporated into an existing map but would require the user to specify symbology and other display settings.



GeocodingGeocoding process illustration - convert table to map points using Address Locator

The processing of converting street addresses into map coordinates is called 'geocoding'.  The geocoding  operation relies on a specialized 'Address Locator' database to convert the tabular street number & name, city, state, and zip code information into latitude and longitude coordinates that can be added to a map as points.  See this page for a full description of geocoding in ArcGIS.

Streetmap Premium includes two sets of Address Locators that can used for this purpose.

  1. "Classic" locators can be used in the ArcGIS Desktop application.  Please note: the classic locators will be deprecated in 2021.
  2. "New" locators are only available for ArcGIS Pro users and rely on a more efficient format to deliver better performance.

To use the SMP locator for geocoding, you will prepare an input data table, select the address locator to use, set parameters for the geocoding operation, and then run the operation.  This page describes the complete workflow for geocoding a table of addresses.  The ESRI documentation (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro) also describes other types of geocoding such as mapping coordinate pairs and offers a set of tutorial exercises.  Exercise 4 specifically covers geocoding a table in ArcMap. 

Output from a geocoding operation will be a point layer saved in your map document that you can use for mapping and further analysis.


Network Analysis

The StreetMap Premium dataset includes a pre-configured Network Dataset that can be used for many types of routing analyses 'out of the box'.  A Network Dataset codifies the interconnectivity of road line features and incorporates associated attributes such as speed limit, one way status, and hierarchical road types (i.e. highway versus residential street) that enable the user to specify a preferred type for travel.  When such datasets are combined with ESRI's 'Network Analyst' extension, it is possible to determine the most appropriate driving routes based on criteria such as speed, distance, or logistical parameters such as restricted turns or road hierarchy.  

Types of network analysis include:

  • Routing
  • Closest Facility
  • Origin - Destination
  • Service Area Determination

See the Network Analyst documentation (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro) for details on how to perform the analyses and specific tutorial exercises (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro) for each type.  Output from Network Analyst operations will be stored in the group layers in your map document.  Best practice is to export any results you plan to use in maps or other analyses into stand alone layers.  

Training Resources

We have compiled several resources to help you understand how to apply the Streetmap Premium datasets to your project needs.  See below for a video demonstration and links to online training courses and SMP documentation.

This workshop was originally presented on November 19, 2020 as part of Geography Awareness Week, hosted by the Data Services team at the University Libraries.  Download session guide and demo data table for geocoding here.

Session Outline:

  • Intro to SMP (0 - 18:00)
  • Geocoding Demo (18:00 - 45:00)
  • Network Analysis (45:20 - 52:30)
    • Routing (52:30 - 1:05:20)
    • Service Area Generation (1:05:20 - 1:16:22)
    • Closest Facility (1:16:20 - end)

Note - If accessing Streetmap Premium on a computer in the Research Studio, the datasets are on the D: drive.


Online Demonstrations and Training

StreetMap Premium Documentation