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What is Business Analyst?

The Business Analyst Desktop extension is a powerful tool that can help businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their efficiency within the market through the use of detailed analysis capabilities. The Business Analyst extension comes with a wealth of annually updated business data provided by ESRI. This data includes detailed demographics, customer spending statistics, and ready to use map documents that make getting started on your analysis a cinch! These data can be coupled with user specific business information in order to optimize and customize analysis results to an individual business and their unique set of needs. 

Business Analyst Highlights

  • High quality data: Business Analyst comes equipped with several types of data to use in analysis, all gathered from top data providers nationwide and updated on an annual basis. A business database provides users with access to over 11 million US businesses to use in their analysis, while demographic data allows them to hone their results based on thousands of social variables. Additionally, Business Analyst employs top level aerial imagery for incorporation into reports that require visual detail and accuracy. Street level data allows users to analyze networks through drive-time and routing assessments. Finally, a shopping center dataset makes it easy to analyze existing consumer tastes and spending patterns before exporting results into attractive, easy to read reports.  
  • Market analysis: Business Analyst allows users to evaluate a number of market variables by blending the data types listed above with unique customer information. Doing such analysis allows Analyst users to assess the market in exacting detail and make decisions regarding future business endeavors--and whether they'd be profitable!  
  • Customer profiling: Business Analyst's built-in demographic dataset makes it easy to gather information on both existing and potential customers in a user-specified area. Knowing the customer-base--tastes, spending habits, expendable income--can help Analyst users determine how to structure marketing efforts, avoid unprofitable situations, and locate sites for potential growth. 
  • Site selection: a major strength of Business Analyst lies in its ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint areas for business expansion. By incorporating built-in data with user specified parameters, Analyst can create probability maps to show you where your customers are most likely to live--making it easier for you to set up shop!
  • Territory design: this Business Analyst tool allows users to assess sales territories to determine the future profitability of multiple territories in a given region. The Territory Design Toolbar can determine--based on demographic data, consumer variables, area size, drive-time analysis, and more--whether or not a sales territory will turn a profit in the long run.

Tutorials and Tools

You can find in-depth tutorials and tool documentation for Business Analyst (ArcGIS Pro) here: