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A Guide to Philosophy Resources

Guide to resources for the study of philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Academic Search Complete Project Muse Science Direct Journals JSTOR

Wiley Online Journals Social Science Database PubMed Central


Journal of Medicine and Philosophy - 01/01/1976 to 12/31/1995 in Oxford Journals 2018 Humanities Archive and Oxford Journals 2020 Medicine Archive

1996 to Present in Oxford Journals A-Z Collection

02/01/1997 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Complete

2004 to 2007 in Taylor & Francis Online


Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - 1957 to Present in Project MUSE - Premium Collection


Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Part C, Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences - 03/01/1998 to Present in ScienceDirect Journals


Perspectives on Science - 03/01/1996 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Complete

03/01/1998 to Present in Project MUSE - Premium Collection

1999 to 2005 in MIT Press Journals


Philosophy of Science - 01/01/1934 to 12/31/2015 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences II

09/01/1993 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Complete

March 2002 to Present in University of Chicago Press Journals (Current access)


Social Science & Medicine - 1982 to 1994 in Backfile Package - Social Science (Legacy) [YST]

1995 to Present in ScienceDirect Journals


The Hastings Center Report - 06/01/1971 to 11/30/2017 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII

02/01/1988 to 09/30/2012 in Arts Premium Collection & Social Science Database

07/01/1990 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Complete

1996 to Present in Wiley Online Library All Journals

01/01/2005 to 12/31/2011 in Project MUSE - Premium Collection


Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics  - 1993 to 2017 in HeinOnline Core U.S. Journals

03/01/1995 to Present in Academic Search Complete

09/01/1996 to 12/31/2007 in Arts Premium Collection, Criminal Justice Database, and Political Science Database

1997 to 2008 in Wiley Online Library All Journals

03/01/1998 to 12/31/2017 in Gale Health and Wellness

02/28/2000 to Present in Nexis Uni


Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal - 03/01/1991 to Present in Project MUSE - Premium Collection

12/01/2002 to 1 year ago in Arts Premium Collection and Social Science Database

BioSocieties - 03/01/2006 to 1 year ago in Social Science Database & Sociology Database

03/01/2010 to 12/31/2010 in Academic Search Complete


American Journal of Public Health - 01/01/1971 to Present in American Public Health Association

1971 to 24 months ago in PubMed Central

08/01/1971 to Present in SocINDEX with Full Text

01/01/1975 to Present in Academic Search Complete

01/01/1992 to Present in Political Science Database and Social Science Database

01/01/1997 to Present in Factiva Limited to six concurrent users; please logout when finished.

11/01/1998 to Present in Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson)


Health Affairs - 01/01/1981 to 1 year ago in Political Science Database and Social Science Database

11/01/1981 to 3 years ago in HighWire Press (Free Journals)

Winter 1981 to Present in Single Journals

01/01/2003 to 03/02/2009 in Academic Search Complete


Annual Review of Public Health - 1980 to 5 years ago in Annual Reviews Back Volumes

04/01/1997 to 04/30/2005 in Academic Search Complete

2006 to Present in Annual Reviews


Science - 07/03/1880 to 12/18/2015 in JSTOR Life Sciences

01/01/1988 to 12/23/2005 in Education Database

1997 to Present in HighWire Press


Journal of General Internal Medicine - 01/01/1997 to Present in SpringerLink Contemporary

1997 to 1 year ago in PubMed Central


PLoS Medicine - 2004 to Present in PubMed Central

10/01/2004 to Present in Academic Search Complete


eLife - 2012 to Present in Directory of Open Access Journals and PubMed Central


The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - 1998 to Present in Cochrane Library


The New England Journal of Medicine - 01/01/1990 to Present in Single Journals


Lancet - 1823 to 1994 in Backfile Package - The Lancet [YTL]

1995 to Present in ScienceDirect Journals


Nature - 1869 to 1923 in Biodiversity Heritage Library

01/01/1987 to Present in Nature Journals Online

06/05/1997 to 11/27/2015 in Academic Search Complete

Subject-specific journal databases


PhilPapers describes itself as "a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.."  However, it has been criticized for relying on Web trawling techniques and crowd-sourcing to allegedly "monitor ALL sources of research content in philosophy" [emphasis mine]. It is, nonetheless, the largest index and open access e-print archive in philosophy. Further, as a bibliographical index, its entries are rationally organized in nested hierarchies so the user is not merely dependent on the keyword search function.   


Philosophy of Science

PhilSci Archive - while Philpapers aims to be comprehensive across the field of philosophy, PhilSci Archive "is specifically tailored to and run by philosophers of science." As an open access archive of preprints in philosophy of science, the archive is full-text and open access, but the articles have not necessarily been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and the archive will only host postprints published under a Creative Commons license. The archive also posts separate "publication" records, which informs users of the bibliographic information for and a link to the published version of a preprint already in the archive. Though not formally "peer-reviewed," the content is moderated by academic professionals.



PubMed (1946 - ) - includes over 3,500 journals published internationally, covering all areas of medicine. Includes the entire Medline database (1966+) PLUS PreMedline (recent articles that are not yet fully indexed for Medline) and links to publisher full-text web sites and other databases.

Multidisciplinary Databases

JSTOR - multidisciplinary, a lot of full text articles, but subject headings are too broad

Academic Search Complete (1975-present) - multidisciplinary; subject headings may or may not be LCSH; also made by EBSCO, so overlaps with America: History & Life

JSTOR v. Academic Search Complete


Google Scholar - articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web. While Google Scholar itself is free on the web, many of the citations it references are not.

Quick Search - is a discovery layer that searches WashU Libraries catalog as well as a number of newspaper and journal databases.

Google Scholar v. Quick Search (formerly Primo)


Project MUSE - a comprehensive collection of peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journals from leading university presses, not-for-profit publishers and prestigious scholarly societies.

Scopus - The world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. Contains over 46 million records, 70% with abstracts, and also includes over 4.6 million conference papers.