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Holocaust Studies

Research Guide to support the study of the Holocaust at Washington University

Tips from the Class Librarian

For journal articles, go to the INDEXES, DATABASES, JOURNALS tab on the left. Mouse over the database titles for more information.  Particular useful databases for literature and film on the Holocaust: 

Once you find an article you want, click on .


For background information on authors, works, or topics, use the REFERENCE tab on the left,


To search for works BY a particular author or specific films, go to the WU Classic Catalog or Quick Search. To search for films by a particular director or actor, use the pull-downs to search by AUTHOR.

To search for secondary literature ABOUT authors, their works, or particular films, use the Advanced Search in the WU Classic Catalog, or Advanced Search in Quick Search. Use the pull-down to select SUBJECT.  Also, see these searches on literature/film on the Holocaust.

Also, see the BOOK & FILMS tab