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Declaration of Independence

Explore ways to learn more about the Declaration, including primary and secondary resources, and teaching tools.

LibGuides on Early American History

Washington University Libraries has created multiple Library Guides to assist students in identifying resources in various subject areas. Below are other guides relating to early American history.

  • Presidential Documents. This guide compiles resources on several of our nation’s early presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Andrew Jackson.
  • A Guide to American History. This guide provides links to resources on general American history, including early European views of the Americas, historical statistics, genealogical research tools, and primary documents related to some of the Founding Fathers.
  • Government Information Resource Guide: Constitution Resources. This guide contains links to resources related to the writing of the Constitution of the United States, including items owned by Washington University.
  • Government Information Research Guide: Constitutional Debates. This guide contains links to a number of interesting databases of primary sources related to early American history, some of which reveal details about everyday American life and others that document important historical events.