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Public Health Research Guide

Graduate program offerings are held at the Brown School and the Medical School. Undergraduate courses are offered through the Anthropology Department.

COVID 19 Data

COVID 19 Literature

  • ‚ÄčThe Cushing/Whitney Medical Library (Yale) public Zotero library (no account required), includes daily updates from PubMed,, Disaster Lit, and preprints* from bioRxiv and medRxiv. 
  • LitCovid: Curated collection of more than 1,200 journal articles hosted by the National LIbrary of Medicine
  • COVID-19 Open Research Data: Tool leveraging natural language processing to aggregate articles about COVID-19 hosted by Semantic Scholar
  • COVID-19 Open Research Map: Interactively engage with COVID-19 research output and explore connections between publications
  • Structured searches (copy and paste into database)
    • PubMedCitations of journal articles (strategy includes a daily date limit, too)
      • covid-19[tw] OR COVID19[tw] OR COVID-19[nm] OR SARS-CoV-2[tw] OR SARS-CoV2[tw] OR severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2[nm] OR severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2[tw] OR 2019-nCoV[tw] OR 2019nCoV[tw] OR coronavirus[tw] OR coronavirus[mh] 
    • Clinical trials registrations
      • COVID-19 OR Covid19 in the “other terms” search box
    • Disaster LitGuidelines, reports, conference proceedings
      • COVID-19 OR COVID19 OR SARS-CoV-2 OR SARS-COV2 OR 2019-nCoV OR 2019nCoV OR coronavirus 
  • bioRxiv and medRxivPreprints
    • Utilizing the RSS feed listed here. *Preprints -- which are manuscripts made available prior to peer review -- support the rapid dissemination of information. However, this means that these documents should be critically appraised and monitored for updates. 


Welcome to the Public Health Research Guide

The Master of Public Health Program, the PhD in Public Health Sciences Program, and the Institute for Public Health have faculty and resources located on the Danforth and Medical School campuses. Librarians are located in the Brown School Library, Olin Library, and  Becker Medical Library.  For course and faculty information, please visit the Brown School Admissions webpage and the Department of Anthropology, Global Health and Environment webpage.

Brown School Library


Note: Library hours are subject to change during intercessions, holidays, and inclement weather. Please call the library for the hours: (314) 935-6633.
Note: The building is ID-access only at 6:00 p.m. weekdays and locked all day on weekends.  Visitors, please make arrangements with the library staff if you need access to the library when the building is ID-access only.


Brown Hall  
3rd Floor                                               

NE Corner                              

Book Drops
     Brown Hall, 1st floor, across from room 100
     Brown Hall, 3rd floor, across from the circulation desk.
     Goldfarb Hall, 1st floor, near the Forsyth street entrance
     *Book drops are picked up every morning library is open