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Identifying Damaged Materials to Send to Preservation

This guide should assist staff and student assistants in identifying circulating and other material that needs repair or rebinding.

Pest Damage

Insects pose a real threat to collections. A variety of these pests can attack binding materials, adhesives, and other substances. Some are attracted to the tight, dark places in storage areas and may do damage before being discovered.

Watch for adult insects, small wormlike juvenile insects, powdery deposits, and small holes or missing areas. If you see evidence that library materials you are working with have come into contact with pests, contact Preservation (935-4287, 935-4612) or Circulation staff.


Pests are attracted to food leavings, garbage, rubbish. Send such books as the one below to the Preservation Unit for vacuuming and cleaning. This actually came to us as part of a book needing processing and/or treatment.





Pest Damage