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A Guide to World History

Annotated Bibliographies

Reference Works - A Place to Begin

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Latin American Studies combines the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia to guide researchers to the best available scholarship in Latin American Studies. Each article includes an introduction written by a top scholar in the field. Also includes expert recommendations on the best works available in each discipline – whether it be a chapter, a book, a journal article, a website, an archive, or data set – to streamline the research process

Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Latin American History offers long-form overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars in Latin American History. The encyclopedia covers both foundational and cutting-edge topics in order to develop, over time, an anchoring knowledge base for major areas of research. This source is regularly updated.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, 2nd ed. (2008) provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary view of Latin American history and culture from prehistoric times to the present. Covers cultural issues and includes numerous biographical profiles of important figures in politics, letters and the arts.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos & Latinas in the United States draws together the diverse historical and contemporary experiences in the United States of Latinos and Latinas from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Over 900 A-to-Z articles written by academics, scholars, writers, artists, and journalists, address such broad topics as identity, art, politics, religion, education, health, and history.

Latino America: A state-by-state encyclopedia A Hispanic and Latino presence in what is now the United States goes back to Spanish settlement in the sixteenth century in Florida and the progressive U.S. conquest of the Spanish-controlled territory of California and the Southwest by 1853 and the Gadsden Purchase. Much of this information is hard to find and has never been researched before. All 50 states and the District of Columbia are covered in individual chapters. The historical overview is the core of the chapter. A selected bibliography and photos complement the chapters. print ed.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index (1975 - ) Indexes any print product that includes biographical information on individuals, both living and deceased, from every field of activity and from all areas of the world. The total number of biographical sketches indexed by BGMI is now more than 16.9 million.

Academic Journal Article Databases

America: History & Life (1964-)  - a complete bibliographic reference to the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Published since 1964, the database comprises almost 400,000 bibliographic entries.

Historical Abstracts (1955-) Historical coverage of the world from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada), from over 2,000 journals published worldwide

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) article citations about Central and South America, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States. Analyses of current political, economic, and social issues as well as unique coverage of Latin American arts and letters.

Multidisciplinary Academic Journal databases

Google Scholar vs. Primo

JSTOR vs. Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete (1975-present) covers topics in most areas of academic study. Full-text provided for over 10,000 publications, with over 7,850 peer-reviewed. Abstracts and indexing available for over 13,780 journals in the collection.

JSTOR database with full texts of journal articles.

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. This index includes most peer-reviewed online academic journals and books (80–90% of all academic articles published in English), conference papers, theses and dissertations, preprints, abstracts, technical reports, and other scholarly literature, including court opinions and patents. Google Scholar uses a web crawler, or web robot, to identify files for inclusion in the search results. It contains approximately 100 million entries.

Project MUSE Premium collection A comprehensive collection of peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journals from leading university presses, not-for-profit publishers and prestigious scholarly societies.
Journals can be searched individually, in groups, or all together.

Scopus The world’s largest proprietary abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. Contains over 46 million records, 70% with abstracts, and also includes over 4.6 million conference papers.


Primary Sources

European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 - a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750 

Feminism in Cuba: Nineteenth through Twentieth Century Archival Documents - this collection, compiled from Cuban sources, spans the period from Cuban independence to the end of the Batista regime. The collection sheds light on: Cuban feminism; women in politics; literature by Cuban women; and the legal status of Cuban women. 

Latin American Newspapers (1822-1922) - over 80 fully searchable newspapers published in the 19th and 20th centuries from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

Caribbean Newspapers 1718-1876 - the largest online collection of 18th- and 19th-century newspapers published in this region—will provide a comprehensive primary resource for studying the development of Western society and international relations within this important group of islands. This unique resource will prove essential for researching colonial history, the Atlantic slave trade, international commerce, New World slavery and U.S. relations with the region as far back as the early 18th century.

Coleccion Revolucion, 1910-1921 - this collection was collected and collated by members of the Committee on Historical Research of the Mexican Revolution, under the direction of Isidro Fabela in 1958, in preparation for the publication of historical documents on the Mexican Revolution. 

Federal Surveillance of the Partido Independentista Puertorriqueno - this collection highlights the FBI’s efforts to disrupt the activities of the largest of the Puerto Rican independence parties, Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño, and compromise their effectiveness. In addition, these documents provide an insightful documentary history and analysis of why independence was the second-largest political movement in the island, (after support for commonwealth status), and a real alternative. These documents provide invaluable additions to the recorded history of Puerto Rico.

Foreign Relations Between Latin American and the Caribbean States, 1930-1944  - organized by country, this collection covers a wide range of viewpoints on political, social, and economic issues. It sheds light on the foreign relations interactions between Central American and South American countries. In the Caribbean, Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic are represented. This collection includes cables, memoranda, correspondence, reports and analyzes, and treaties.

Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals - this collection contains the periodicals that have been accumulated by the Austrian anarchist, historian and collector Max Nettlau (1865-1944), together with a number of later additions, held at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. The collection provides a richness of documentation pertaining explicitly to the formative anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist episode (1890-1920) in the history of Latin American labor movements.

Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals  - a collection of English-language publications spanning beyond the 20th century (1845-2015) covering Communist, Socialist and Marxist thought, theory and practice. Issues covered include workers’ rights, organized labor, labor strikes, Nazi atrocities, McCarthyism’s rise after WWII, Civil Rights, and modern-day class struggles which give rise to renewed interest in alternative social organizations. 

Nicaragua: Political Instability and U.S. Intervention, 1910-1933 - the United States kept a contingent force in Nicaragua almost continually from 1912 until 1933. Although reduced to 100 in 1913, the contingent served as a reminder of the willingness of the United States to use force and its desire to keep conservative governments in power. This collection provides documentation on the almost continual political instability in Nicaragua.

Sabin Americana - works about the Americas published throughout the world from 1500 to the early 1900's. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, Native Americans, military actions and much more. 

Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda, Module 1: Wars & Revolutions - sourced from the British Film Institute (BFI) archives, Socialism on Film documents the communist world from the Russian Revolution until the 1980s. All the films in this collection have been digitized from the original 16mm and 35mm film reels. The films cover all aspects of socialist life from society, war, culture, the Cold War, memory and contemporaneous views on current affairs. Footage includes documentaries, newsreels and feature films. Geographically the films deal with the Soviet Union alongside significant groupings of material on Vietnam, China, Korea, the German Democratic Republic and Eastern Europe, Britain, Spain, Latin America and Cuba.