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A Guide to World History

Required Texts

If you would rather not to buy the required texts, there are free ways to access them. If WUSTL Libraries do not have a copy, you may be able to borrow one through MOBIUS. If MOBIUS does not have a copy, you may be able to borrow one through one of the local, public library systems (St. Louis Public Library - SLPL, St. Louis County Library - SLCL, or the Municipal Library Consortium of participating St. Louis County municipalities - MLC). 

John Julius Norwich, A History of Venice - WUSTL * MOBIUS * SLPL * SLCL * MLC
David Rosand, Myths of Venice - WUSTL print or eBook * MOBIUS * MLC eBook


Reference Works - A Place to Begin

Encyclopedias and bibliographies are good places to begin the research process. Not only do they provide foundational information, they can point you to be most well-regarded sources on your topic.

The following reference works are recommended for initiating research into Venice during the medieval and renaissance period:

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Medieval Studies

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Renaissance and Reformation