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A Guide to American Culture Studies

This page brings together various information resources on the subject of American Culture Studies

Reference Works - A Place to Begin

Native Americans and the law

Book Searching

The main subject heading for Native Americans is Indians of North America. Tribes/nations, for the most part, are listed as "[group name] Indians," such as Osage Indians. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Eskimos; some are organized by language family, such as Algonquian Indians. There are other, unique categories such as Mound-builders as well as subject headings based on where Native Americans live such as Reservation Indians and Urban Indians -- North America.

Academic Journal Databases

but, other EBSCO databases could be relevant, too, such as Academic Search Complete, Anthropology Plus, and the Gender Studies Database. Important Native Studies journals in the EBSCO suite include American Indian Culture and Research Journal, NAIS: Journal of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, (Anthropology Plus), American Indian Quarterly, (Education Full Text), Journal of the Southwest (America: History & Life), and Settler Colonial Studies (Academic Search Complete).

Legal databases

Primary Source Databases