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Guide for First Gen Students

This guide is designed to help first generation college students navigate through their years of college. It offers an array of helpful resources that can address some of the academic, financial and social struggles that can arise in college.

Writing center

What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center at Washington University in St. Louis provides free, one-on-one tutoring to all WUSTL undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff for any writing project. 

What can the Writing Center do for you?

  • They provide Personal Statement workshops 
  • Provide resume workshops
  • They will help you revise any essay you have and help you strengthen and clarify your argument.
  • Teach you techniques for generating ideas, as well as how to find a thesis in the midst of all that brainstorming
  • Provide help for writing a research paper, from helping with topics to connecting you with a subject librarian who can help you do the research.
  • ​Go through the steps on how to write an essay exam
  • Help you improve your writing skills through discussing strategies for expressing ideas in clear sentences

Advice: Don't wait too long to use this resource! It is very helpful and they fill up during the semester. They personally helped me fine-tune my drafts and gave a lot of helpful advice. 

  • I recommend setting an appointment for your papers the moment you get your syllabus or at least 2 weeks in advance.