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Guide for First Gen Students

This guide is designed to help first generation college students navigate through their years of college. It offers an array of helpful resources that can address some of the academic, financial and social struggles that can arise in college.

Using the Library

How do I borrow books? How long can I keep them?

A current Washington University I.D. or courtesy card is required for all borrowing transactions. Undergrads can borrow any books, except pop lit books, for 28 days. If you want to keep the book longer, you can renew.

How do I renew books?

Items that have not been requested by another borrower or reached the renewal limit may be renewed using the My Catalog function on the library system. Students may also renew by bringing materials to any library on the Danforth Campus. 

Are there other things I can borrow from the library?

Yes, you can also borrow Pop-lit books, Videos, and Electronics. These items have different loan periods from catalog books.

Pop-Lit books 2 weeks (all borrowers)
Videos / DVDs  14 days (all borrowers, limit 30 per person)

Below are links to help you find books and electronics!

Can't find the book or material you are looking for?

Where and how can I print in the Libraries?


Where and how can I scan in the Libraries?


Where and how can I photocopy in the Libraries?


How do I login to the library computers?


What software is installed on the library computers?


Where do I go to get help with the computers or printing/copying/scanning?