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Guide for First Gen Students

This guide is designed to help first generation college students navigate through their years of college. It offers an array of helpful resources that can address some of the academic, financial and social struggles that can arise in college.

What Groups Can I Join?

Here at WashU, no matter what your interests are you will probably find a student group that you connect with. There is a wide range of options from sororities and fraternities both on and off-campus, dance groups, singing groups, and even a club whose sole purpose is the appreciation of Disney movies. And even if the groups that are already available don't exactly suit your needs, you can get a group of four or more other people who would want to do it and make your own! With being a part of student groups on campus, the options are practically endless. 


It is okay if students don't want to join student groups, there is no obligation to do so. It is just as good to find a small group of friends and spend time with them in a less formal situation. Students shouldn't feel pressured to join a group in order to be social in college.