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Guide for First Gen Students

This guide is designed to help first generation college students navigate through their years of college. It offers an array of helpful resources that can address some of the academic, financial and social struggles that can arise in college.

There is Usually Something to Get Into

Here at WashU, students tend to learn very quickly that there is always something happening on campus. Also, the good news is, most of the time these things are free for WashU Students. One of the best known of these is WILD, which happens at the end of every semester and the university has a musician that the students vote for to come and give a private concert to WashU students. There are free also food and drinks provided at WILD. Some other smaller events happen at the DUC weekly for WashU students like free tea and popcorn. One of the ways to stay up to date on-campus events is by checking theses websites that post campus event often.

Below are the links: