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A Guide to Chinese Studies

Research Guide for Chinese Studies

Full-text Databases (subscribed or open-access): campus or off-campus access

Subscribed databases are restricted to the Washington University community. Off-campus access requires WashU ID. Information about off-campus access (Proxy server and VPN).  

You may also find the following databases as well as others at: A-Z Databases: Chinese Studies 

Click “Academic journals/学术期刊”. Full-text access to the following four sections:

  • Series F: Literature/History/Philosophy                哲学与人文社会科学
  • Series G: Politics/Military Affairs/Law                   社会科学 I
  • Series H: Education/Social Sciences                   社会科学 II
  • Series J: Economy & Management                      经济与管理科学

Please check also China National Social Science Database 国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库. It includes over 2,000 journals published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which can be accessed only from this database starting from 2013.

  • Duxiu 读秀中文学术搜索   
    Duxiu database provides access to more than 3 million Chinese bibliographic entries and 2 million full text scholarly resources in all subjects and formats, including books, journal articles, newspapers, theses, conference proceedings, and video clips. (User manual)

This collection provides full-text access to 22 newspapers from 1912 establishment of China’s first post-imperial government to the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in October 1949.  

  • Shen Bao (申報) Digital Archive (1872-1949) 
    This full-text searchable database covers entire run of the Shen Bao newspaper from 1872 to 1949. In addition to the newspaper texts, this product also includes all the advertisements. It contains more than 2 million articles, and includes the full-image of each page.  

(To access the database: 1. Click the “Log In” button.  2. Click the image of  “中国方志库”.   3. Click “我已閲讀” to enter the database.   NOTE: Please click "安全退出" in the top right-hand corner to log out when you are finished.)

Contains 4,000 titles (2000 titles in series I & 2000 titles in series II) of rare and special edition local gazetteers printed in China from Song Dynasty to the Republican era.  The database is fully searchable. All texts are provided in full-text and image format, allowing direct side by side comparison. 

​​​Contains approximately 10,000 titles of Chinese classic ancient books from pre-Qin dynasty to the Republic of China. The database provides full-text search, basic/advanced search, and faceted browsing. It also allows a side by side comparison between the transcriptions and original editions.   

           Contains the following three databases:

  • The Late Qing Full-text Database 晚清期刊全文数据库 1833-1911
  • Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949) Series 1-11 中文期刊全文数据库 1911-1949 1-11 
  • Books of Modern China 中国近代图书全文数据库 1840-1949

        Contains over 120,000 books (full-text searchable) and visualization of digital humanities accomplished by the DH team          of Shanghai Library