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A Guide to Chinese Studies

Research Guide for Chinese Studies

Historical Chinese Newspapers

This collection provides full-text access to 22 newspapers from 1912 establishment of China’s first post-imperial government to the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in October 1949.

ECPO joins together several important digital collections of the early Chinese press and puts them into a single overarching framework. So far, the ECPO project has focused on a body of rich but heretofore undervalued materials—women’s and entertainment magazines. 

This full-text searchable database covers entire run of the Shen Bao newspaper from 1872 to 1949. In addition to the newspaper texts, this product also includes all the advertisements. It contains more than 2 million articles, and includes the full-image of each page.  


  • Old Hong Kong Newspapers
    A selective collection of paper issues published in the territory from its early days to the present.

A list of Chinese, Japanese and English language newspapers published in China and freely accessible online is collated from tweets by @MossonStone1 and other sources.

Historical English Newspapers & Magazines from China

Newspaper Databases