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This guide will help you navigate University Archives' more than 300 unique collections, most of which document the history of Washington University from 1853 to today. Other collections are related to 20th century St. Louis history.

Nobel Award Winners from WUSTL

This pages lists Nobel Prize winners associated with Washington University in St. Louis, including alumni, as well as current and former faculty members.   

Further biographical information about these distinguished persons is linked with each name.  Names marked with an * indicates the individual did a significant portion of award-winning work while at Washington University.  As of October 10, 2022, there are total of 26 people associated with Washington University who have received a Nobel Prize.  (See note at bottom of page for further information) 


Four Washington University Nobel Prize winners.
From left: Dr. Carl Cori, Dr. Joseph Erlanger, Dr. Gerty Cori, Dr. Arthur Holly Compton (photo by Herb Weitman)

More information about the Prize and past winners can be found at the web site of the Nobel Foundation or by consulting the materials listed under "Additional Resources" on this page.


Economic Science



Physiology or Medicine

Books and additional resources

Note: official number awardees at WU

The official number of Nobel Prize winners who were either faculty or graduates of Washington University is 26.  While Thomas Stearns (T.S.) Eliot did graduate from the Washington University-run preparatory school, Smith Academy, when reporting official statistics of the University he is not counted, since this was a high school diploma.