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About WashU Archives

This guide will help you navigate University Archives' more than 300 unique collections, most of which document the history of Washington University from 1853 to today. Other collections are related to 20th century St. Louis history.

City of St. Louis, Mayor's Office Records at WU Special Collections

This guide provides an overview of archival sources (records and documents) available to researchers about the St. Louis Mayors, and other regional politicians, such as Board of Aldermen and Secretary to the Mayor.   Between 1943 and 1981 documents from the St. Louis Mayor's administrations were donated to the Washington University Archives.  Other administrations have chosen to place their documents in other libraries and archives, which are listed at the end of this guide

Finding Aids for St. Louis Mayors  Records, 1943-1981, at WU Libraries, Special Collections:

Other political records archived at WU

Inventories of archived records from regional political leaders:

Mayor's Records at Other Libraries

Locations of other Mayoral papers
Please contact the holding archive or library for more information.

Located at the Missouri History Museum, St. Louis :
  • William Carr Lane 1823-1829 (Mayoral Terms 1823-1829 & 1837-1840)
  • John. F. Darby 1835-37 & 1840-41 (Mayoral Terms 1835-37 & 1840-41)
  • Peter G. Camden 1846-47 (Mayoral Term 1846-1847)
  • Luther M. Kennett 1850-53 (Mayoral Term 1850-1853)
  • Oliver D. Filley 1858-61 (Mayoral Term 1858-1861)
  • Chauncey I. Filley 1863-64 (Mayoral Term 1863-1864)
  • Henry Overstolz 1876-1881 (Mayoral Term 1976-1881)
  • David R. Francis 1885-1889 (Mayoral Term 1885-1889)
  • Rolla Wells 1901-1909 (Mayoral Term 1901-1909)
  • Louis P. Aloe (acting mayor for Kiel in WWI; Kiel Mayoral Term 1913-1925)
  • John Peters (Mayor’s Secretary, 1933)
Located at University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), Mercantile Library
Located at The State Historical Society of Missouri (St. Louis)

Papers of Mayor Dickmann and Mayor Schoemehl, Jr.

Located at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale (SIU-C)

Secondary Sources