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Brown School Library

Location: Brown Hall, 3rd Floor
Serving the research and teaching needs of the Brown School community in social work, public health, and social policy.

Brown School Library Sessions

Feel free to attend the following library sessions.  Many of the sessions offer hands-on instruction.  In addition to Brown School Library sessions, the list includes selected sessions from WUSTL's Becker Medical Library, WUSTL's Olin Library, and WUSTL's Center for Career Engagement.

Catalog of Library Materials
Learn how to search the catalog, request WUSTL items, set up a reading history, and renew checked out items.  No registration needed.
     By appointment or Recorded session

Course Reserves Tips
Learn how to find and use the Brown School course reserves located in the Library Catalog and Ares.
          Please email the Library for a one-on-one or small group appointment:

Don’t Sign Your Rights Away: Author's Rights
Hope to publish an article in the future? Learn how to retain your copyrights so you can freely use your own work for teaching, scholarly, and professional activities.  Otherwise, you may have to pay the publisher in order to use your own work.  Learn about WUSTL's open access repository for articles. No registration needed.
          By appointment or PowerPoint slides

Evidence-Based Resources
Learn about the evidence-based resources.  Covers evidence-based databases, websites, and filters.  These resources should save you some time when doing evidence-based assignments.  No registration needed.
          By appointment or Tutorial

Finding Similar Phrases for Database Searching
Learn how to find similar phrases in order to expand your database search.  Covers the research guide tab, database thesauri, database words, and a thesaurus.  No registration needed.
          By appointment or Recorded session

GIS Week in November  (Geographic Information Systems) (November 2024)
Learn about some geospatial resources at WUSTL.

Green Get-It Button
Learn how to use the green get-it button to retrieve full text items. Learn what to do when the full text doesn't display. No registration needed.
     By appointment or Recorded session

Interlibrary Loan (Mobius and ILLiad)
WUSTL cannot buy every book and journal that is available.  Learn how to use the interlibrary loan system to request items that WUSTL does not own.  No registration needed.
     By appointment or Recorded session

Library Resources After Graduation
Learn about the library resources that are available to you after you graduate.  No registration needed.
     By appointment or PowerPoint

Love Data Week (expected February 2025)

Medline via PubMed: A Fantastic, Free Health Database
Learn how to effectively search Medline via PubMed for public health, psychological, and therapeutic information. Covers MeSH searching, applying limits, using the search history, changing the results display, accessing full text, using the evidence-based clinical queries, and more.  No registration needed.
     By appointment or Recorded session

Open Access Month (October 2024)
Learn about WUSTL's open access resources.

Python Workshops
Recorded sessions are in the Previous Workshops section, Python tab:

R Workshops
Recorded sessions available. Introduction to R sessions:
Recorded sessions available: Advanced Data Visualization and data wrangling in R:
Introduction to R – Data Visualization in R using ggplot2
This interactive session introduces R packages, and discusses how to install, load, and manage R packages. Attendees will learn how to create basic data visualizations using the ggplot2 package in RStudio desktop application.
     July 9, noon - 1:30 p.m., via Zoom
     Please register:

REDCap Workshops
REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online databases and surveys, but you do not need web development or computer programming experience to use REDCap. REDCap has built-in quality assurance/quality improvement features and is HRPO compliant. If you have a WUSTL Key, you can use REDCap for free!   Note: some REDCap workshops are recorded.  The recordings are available at the following website: Recorded sessions available

Search Strategies for Database Searching  
Learn about the basic search strategies and use them in a database search in order to find relevant articles. Covers Boolean Operators, truncation, phrase searching, field qualification, proximity operators, using the search history, and applying limits. No registration needed.  
     By appointment or Tutorial

Social Explorer Census & Social Statistics    
Learn how to use Social Explorer for census and social statistics.  Generate maps.  Overview of the 2010 census and the American Community Survey.  Produce statistical reports through the Premade, Keyword, and table features (age, race, households, education, income, etc.).  No registration needed.
          By appointment

Social Welfare/Policy Library Resources    
Learn about library resources that may help you with your social welfare/policy assignments. Covers, ProQuest Congressional, CQ Researcher, PAIS, and more.  No registration needed.
          By appointment

Tour the Brown School Library    
Take a walking tour of the Brown School Library and learn where the resources are located.  No registration needed.     
          By appointment

Zotero Sessions
-1- Zotero Citation Manager
Learn how to use Zotero to organize citations and create APA bibliographies.  No registration needed.
     By appointment or Recorded session

Here is the above list in chronological order:
July 9, noon - 1:30 p.m., Introduction to R – Data Visualization in R using ggplot2, via Zoom

Additional Sessions at WUSTL

Brown School Library Session Handouts