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A Social Work Research Guide

Social work research guide

Brown School Reference Librarian

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Lori Siegel
Lori Siegel
Reference Librarian
Brown Hall, Room 301A
(314) 935-4064

Brown School Library
Brown Hall, Room 300
(314) 935-6633
Subjects: Social Work

Boxes on This Finding Funding for Alumni Subpage

Here are links to the boxes on this Finding Funding for Alumni subpage.  The links will quickly jump the screen to the boxes of information.
Finding Funding for Alumni
Grants & Philanthropy Terms When Searching Library Catalogs

Finding Funding for Alumni

The following are frequently used websites that provide reference
or statistical information:

Grants & Philanthropy Terms When Searching Library Catalogs - For Alumni

The following search strategies may help you when searching library catalogs.
Subject searches:
     ("Charitable Contributions" OR Endowments OR Grants OR Scholarships) AND Directories

Title searches:
     Endowment* OR Foundation* OR Giving* OR Grants* OR Scholarship* OR Philanthrop* OR Charit* OR Fundrais* OR "Fund Raising" OR "Fund Raisers" OR "Fund Raised"