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A Social Work Research Guide

Social work research guide

Boxes on This Alumni Resources Page

Here are links to the boxes on this Alumni Resources page.  The links will quickly jump the screen to the boxes of information.
Access Basics for Alumni
Brown School Alumni Page
Free Resources for Alumni
Library Resources After Graduation Handout

Access Basics for Alumni

Access Basics for Alumni
Databases: Please see the subpages on the left for databases A-Z and also databases by subject (under the Alumni Resources tab).
Books in the Brown School Library: Up to one year after graduation, Brown School Alumni may borrow books from the general stacks of the Brown School library.  After one year, you may join the Century Club to continue checking out books.
Books in the Danforth/West campus libraries: Brown School Alumni may join the Century Club in order to borrow books from the general stacks in the Danforth/West campus libraries. 
Remote access from home: You lose remote access to most of the library's databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.  You may use the visitor password on-campus to log onto a Brown School hard-wired computer and access most of the library's resources.  Some e-books may not open.
Visiting the Brown School Library: Brown School Alumni may visit the library M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  For other times, please make arrangements with the library staff.  Note: library hours are subject to change (breaks, holidays, bad weather, etc.).
Interlibrary loan: You lose access to both Mobius and ILLiad.  Your local public library may offer interlibrary loan services.
Additional Information: The Brown School Library webpage has some additional information:

Brown School Alumni Page

Here is the link to the Brown School Alumni Page.  Connect with friends, engage in professional development, etc. 
Here is a link to the Brown School Alumni Post-Graduation Resources.  Review your access to InsideBrown, Box, Email, Canvas, Handshake, Zoom, etc. 

Free Resources for Alumni

In addition to the resources on the Alumni subpages (left side of screen), you might be interested in the following pages/subpages of the Social Work Research Guide.  They have many free full text resources.

Free Datasets 
Statistical Resources 
Evidence-Based Resources 
Conducting Research/Publishing 

Free resources are copyright protected.  Internet items are copyright protected.  Investigate whether your intended use of an item requires permission from the copyright holder.  You do not need permission to use items that were published before 1929.  You do not need permission to use U.S. federal government created items.  Don't forget to properly cite all of the resources that you use.

Library Resources After Graduation for Alumni