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A Social Work Research Guide

Social work research guide

Pro/Con Terms - Social Policy Subpage

The following words may help you as you conduct searches for the pro/con of a topic.

ASSESS terms: 
accountab*  analys*  analyz*  argu*  assess*  background  cause*  choice* 
choosing  chose*  comparative  comparing  comparison  conclud*  conclusion* 
debat*  determin*  differences  dilemma*  discuss* effects  evaluat*  examin* 

expert*  factor*  future  implement*  indicator*  issues  judg* look* 
measur*  option*  outcome*  outlook  overview*  perspective*  policy 
prefer*  principle*  re-examin*  reason*  reexamin*  research* 
result*  review*  status  summary

PRO terms: 
accomplish*  achiev*  advoca*  affect*  affirm*  agree*  approv*  assent* 
backer*  beneficial*  benefit*  best  better  capable  "case for"  champion  compliant* 
complies  comply*  concordance*  concur*  consent*  cure*  defend  desire* 
effective*  embrace  endorse  enhanc*  fantastic*  favor  favors  favorable  for  friend*

gain*  good  great  happy  help*  impact*  importan*  improv*  "in favor of"
keep  learn*  like*  love  malleable  merit*  opinion*  opportunit*  permission* 
permit*  persua*  position  positive*  praise*  praising  preach*  pro  progress* 

promise*  promote  proponent*  pros   prove*  proving  realit*  recommend*  right* 
solution*  solve*  solving  strength*  "subscribe to"  succeed*  success*  support* 
truth*  understand*  upgrad*  uphold*  value*  win  winner*  winning*  wins 
won  wonderful* work*

CON terms: 
acced*  acquiesce*  adverse  aftermath  against  alter*  antagonist* 
anti  awful*  backlash  bad  barrier*  battl*  bitter* block  blunder*  bump 
"case against" catastroph*  cautio* challeng*  change*  changing  con 
concern*  conflict* confus*  cons  consequence*  constrain* 

contentio* contest*  contrary  controvers*  cost*  critic*  critiqu* 
damag*  danger*  defeat*  defer*  deficien*  deficit*  deleterious*
demand*  destroy*  destructive  deter*  detract*  detriment*  difficult*
disadvantage  disagree*  disapprove*  discontent*  discordance* 
discourag*  dislike*  dismal* 

drawback*  error*  evil*  exclud*  exclusion*  fail*  fallac*  false  falter* 
farce*  fault*  fear*  fight*  fix*  flaw* foe  foes  folly* forbear*  forebod*
forego*  forsak*  fought  hamper*  harm*  hate*  hazardous  hinder* 
hindrance*  horrible*  hurdle*  hurt*  impair*  impasse*  imped* 

imperil* implicat*  inaccessib*  inaccura*  inappropriat*  ineffective* 
inhibit*  insufficien*  interfer*  jeopardize  judg*  kill*  lack*  leaves 
lesson*  lies  limit*  lose*  losing  loss*  malarky  malcontent* 
misconception*  misconduct*  mistake*  misunderstand* 

modifi*  modify*  myth*  negative*  nightmare*  obstacle*  obstruct* 
opponent*  oppose*  opposing  opposition  peril*  perplex*  pitfall* 
portend*  preclud*  preclusion*  predicament*  prevent*  problem* 
protest*  ramification  rancor*  reduc*  reform*  repeal*  rescind* 
resist*  rethink*  re-think* 

revamp*  revise*  revision*  rhetoric*  risk*  roadblock*  rotten* 
ruin  ruinous  shortcoming*  skeptic*  "stumbling block*"  terrible*
thwart*  transform*  trouble*  tyrann*  undermin*  unfavorable 
unintended  unsuccess*  untruth*  vex*  weak*  weakness*  withdraw* 
withhold*  worse  worsen  wrong*  yield*