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A Social Work Research Guide

Social work research guide

Boxes on This Social Policy - Legislative History Subpage

Here are links to the boxes on this Social Policy - Legislative History subpage.  The links will quickly jump the screen to the boxes of information.
Legislative History Resources
Legislative History Searching for Articles
Legislative History Tracking Bills in Congress

Social Policy - Legislative History Resources

Social Policy - Legislative History Searching for Articles

When searching for articles on the origins of legislation, consider using some of the following words in the title field along with keywords related to your law:  Background  Congress*  Develop*  Enact*  Histor*  House  Legislat*  Origin*  Overview  Representative*  Review  Senat*
Anniversary articles often include history. Consider:  Anniversary  Birthday  "5 yr"  "5 year*"  "five year*"  "10 yr"  "10 year*"  "ten year*"  "20 yr"  "20 year*"  "twenty year*"  "50 yr"  "50 year*"  "fifty year*"  "100 yr"  "100 year*"  "hundred year*"
Words for the bill's path: Act  Agree*  Amend*  Approve*  Bill  Clear*  Compromis*  Conference*  Engrossed  Enrolled  Move*  Pass*  Reconcil*  Reauthoriz*  Send* Sent  Signed  Version*  Vote*

Social Policy - Legislative History - Tracking Bills